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The Productivity Mistake Everyone Is Making

How productive are you, really? Do you produce every day what you need to produce to be really successful, and is it high quality? Are you checking off your to-do list every day? Do you have the right things on your to-do list? Are you going home every day and spending quality time with your family, 100% focused on your family or community? Read More

3 Secrets to Take Control of Your Day and Increase Productivity

To really fulfill your potential you have to go from the minor leagues to the major leagues in terms of how and what you produce. What does that mean? When you look at different games there are players in the minor leagues who are great and they hit the major leagues and immediately wash out. Then, there are other players who are good and they hit the major leagues and become great.

What’s the difference? The difference is in focus. It’s in learning how to have the ability to focus – not just quality of focus but quantity of focus. Read More

The Truth About Time Management

I’m guessing you’ve tried a lot of time management techniques. Maybe software, or different techniques. The ones I’ve tried – the Pomodoro technique, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, the Kanban checklist, Franklin planners – they worked for a while and then they stopped working.

Let me tell you the truth about time management. Read More

How To Create Extraordinary Creativity

I help people double their productivity and activate their success drivers. So what is a success driver?

I’ve done a lot of research and worked with a lot of extremely successful people and I have distilled the seven things that really make successful people different in a way that allows them to produce at a higher level.

I’ve put together my proven 7 Pillars of Productivity program to share with my clients. So let me tell you what the 7 Pillars are: Read More

What’s It Like To Work With Kat McDivitt

Watch these videos to find out what it’s like to work with Kat McDivitt. Read More