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Do you ever feel stressed, tired and rushed? Are you curious about the three key differences between busy and productive people? Well, let’s jump right into it.

1. Goals

First off, busy people focus on goals. They’re focused on having a list of goals and going ahead and moving through those goals, whereas productive people take it a level higher. Productive people really look at vision – at what they are trying to accomplish at a higher level and focusing on the highly productive items that are going to move them toward their vision. Productive people focus on their vision every day.

2. Tasks

Busy people have many tasks. They have huge task lists and – not only task lists – they have many things in their heads that aren’t even on the task list. That’s why they feel hurried and stressed all the time – it’s because of the things in their heads that aren’t even on the task list. Productive people have a few very high quality, high productivity and high lifetime value tasks that they are focusing on at any one time.

3. Saying ‘no’

Busy people say ‘yes’ a lot. It’s very easy to say yes. It’s very expected to say yes. It’s hard to say ‘no’ in our society. But productive people have developed skills and boundaries to be able to say no. One of the most important pieces of advice that Warren Buffet gives is the importance of saying no.

I don’t know if you’re here or not but one of the ways to go from being a busy person to being a productive person is to change your habits.

Let me tell you a story about habits. If you want to up your game – let’s say you’re a tennis player. A tennis player wants to go from being a good tennis player to a great tennis player. Oftentimes what they need to do is unlearn bad habits. So let’s say they have a good serve and their serve has got them to where they are and that’s amazing. But in order to go to the next level, they need to unlearn that serve. They have to become a worse tennis player in order to learn the habits – the new structures of serving – in order to become a great tennis player.

Now, a lot of people have a lot of challenges in changing habits. In our program we have a series of exercises that help you change habits very easily. So that you’re going from a structure that keeps you busy to a structure that keeps you productive.

The beautiful thing about habits is that habits are things that you do every day. You don’t think about them. They don’t take effort. Once you have really great habits that support you, then these habits will keep you productive. They provide a container without even thinking about them.

My name is Kat McDivitt and I help people double their productivity and activate their success drivers. Until next time! Live your potential so you can be, do and have what’s most important.

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