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Feeling stuck in your Amazon FBA business?

I was talking with a client today who is having a huge challenge breaking $10,000 a month in her business. She was able to grow the business to $10,000 a month pretty quickly. Then it seemed like she hit a wall.

It seemed like every step forward was followed by two steps backward.

She found an amazing sourcing opportunity, then lost another.

She cleared her schedule to get a lot of work done; then she got sick.

She even started having some new issues in her love life that distracted her from getting things done.

She contacted me because she was looking for accountability coaching from someone who is familiar with Amazon FBA businesses.

We quickly realized that this pattern was not new – that in previous businesses she also seemed to hit a limit beyond which her business would not grow. In fact, when we looked at it, it became apparent that she was sabotaging her own success.

This is what I call the Success Comfort Zone – the area where an individual seller feels most comfortable being successful.

This could easily have been my story five years ago. I felt perpetually stuck. I felt stuck for years, in lots of areas of my life, money, success, my health, and my relationships. I was all around stuck. In fact, it made me depressed to the point where I had to quit my job and spent six months lying on a couch being depressed.

It was a dark time for me. I came out of that time with a determination to understand the problem and find a solution.

What most people don’t realize yet, is that patterns and beliefs around success, what we are capable of and what we are “allowed” to achieve were created as a young child. We learn it from our family and our community – the shared expectations and culture. This is our “Success Comfort Zone”.

These patterns and beliefs are sneaky because most people don’t see them – we see through them (like a set of lenses) – and we are subject to them until we can look at them directly and update them into beliefs that support our success.

This is the number one reason entrepreneurs fail. Here’s how it works.

You have a belief that you developed in childhood, probably from your family (there are five core beliefs that cause most of the issues, and I’ll talk about those later).

Then you have some higher level of success – maybe in your business, or in your family, or even in your level of happiness.

But, this success is in conflict with this belief about “how life should be” that you developed in your childhood.

So, your brain, to relieve the stress and bring things back into your “Comfort Zone”, finds a creative way to sabotage your success and neutralize the stress.

So what are the beliefs that sabotage success?

  • I’m broken or worthless. If some part of you (that little kid part) feels like you are broken or worthless, and then you have high success, that sets up an internal conflict that your system will resolve through self-sabotage.
  • If I’m too big or bright, I’ll be knocked down. This is the fear that if we’re big, we’ll paint a target on ourselves and be attacked. It’s not safe to be successful.
  • If I’m too successful, I’ll be disloyal to my family. This is often about our role in our original biological family. Breaking out of our role is often seen as shameful and disloyal and can reflect upon the entire family.
  • If I’m too successful, I’ll be a burden to those around me. We want to fit in and be liked, and sometimes if we’re too successful it makes the people around us uncomfortable.
  • If I break out of my cultural stereotype, I’ll be shunned. It goes something like this “X people are not successful.” Where X is {old, young, education, skin tone, culture}. It’s the belief that people “like” you can not be successful.

When you hold these beliefs, and you start to succeed and get everything you want, it creates a conflict in your system. If we don’t do something specific about it, the way our system deals with this internal conflict is self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage comes in lots of different flavors, including:

  • getting sick
  • getting distracted and spending time on Facebook
  • losing focus
  • ‘bright shiny objects’
  • losing a big contract
  • getting into a fight with our partner

The solution is to get to the heart of the matter – to resolve the internal conflict around your success, then find the limiting belief and transform it to a new supportive belief.

There are three ways to do this:

  1. Just keep bumping against it.  This is the painful and frustrating way that most people use to get beyond their limits.  It’s probably the most difficult way because you are creating internal conflicts that can have all sorts of other negative effects.
  2. Therapy.  Years of therapy works if you are focused on the right topics.  Of course, it takes years and thousands of dollars, and most people want results sooner than that.
  3. Success Zone Program.  I’ve spent the last 10 years studying what really works for people and put together a program of techniques used by people around the world to successfully shift limiting beliefs and step into a new level of success.

I’ve tested the system with a bunch of people (check out the Testimonials page for some great testimonials), and I’m ready to roll it out.

To learn more about it and find out if sign up for a 10-minute strategy call where we can identify the belief that is most likely to be holding you back and strategize the best solution for you, click here: Book a Call