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Success Comfort Zone Program

Alex Echols, Ultimate Biz Builders

Who should I suggest take the course, anybody!

Sarah G.

The Success Comfort Zone program got down to exactly what I needed. It’s a gentle way to transform the need that the [limiting] belief was covering. I feel warmer and more confident, like I’ve cleared all the sticky stuff that’s been holding me back – that has been putting doubt into who I am.

E. Zosia Green

1) Old situation (why did I take the course): As soon as I heard about the course I was compelled to take it, because I have felt that I have many blocks to success, in terms of pursuing my dream career and what I think of as my purpose. So many times I have had opportunities and have failed to pursue them, or have self-sabotaged in one way or another. I have this constant pull to pursue this career path, and have received positive feedback and encouragement in my efforts, but I have been very aware of this part of me that is doing it’s best to block real success from happening. I took [this course] because I wanted to be able to identify and move past that block.

2) Process (what was my experience with the course): I was actually quite surprised how quickly the course helped me to identify my core belief that is at the root of my fears keeping me from truly pursuing my dreams, and take the necessary steps to do so. I cried in the two first sessions, simply trying to articulate this core belief once I had identified them through the process. Later, [the course] helped me to identify why this core belief/fear has not always held always true (and in many cases the opposite is the case). [The course] also helped me realize that even if my belief/fear were true, it is not worth it for me to lose the potential fulfillment and future I could have, to avoid having my fears materialize.

3) Changes (what was my outcome/benefits): Almost immediately after the second session, I felt more confident, and already began taking steps that I had been actively avoiding, to pursue my work. And I have been working on it consistently since. When ever I have moments of doubt or decide not to work, I think about all of the fears/blocks to success identified in the course, and imagine which I am grappling with, and then I mentally go through the process to remember how important it is to me to pursue this path, and how the fears have nothing to offer that is even remotely worth the loss of my dreams and values.

4) If someone were thinking about taking the course, what would you say to them? I would say go for it, with no hesitation. Simply gaining an understanding of your core values, beliefs, and fears alone is enough to make it worth it. But this course combines these in a way that gives you the confidence to proactively pursue your dream life, in a way that any list of steps or tasks or to-dos never could. I could not recommend this course more.


Richard Phu

If you want to take your life to the next level, whether it be business, your career, your finances, whatever, go visit Kat because she’s going to help you turn from a procrastinator into a productivity master.

Juliet Butters Doty

The experience was amazing and it helped to lock in where I’m going, how I want to feel and what I want to move away from. It’s actually something that has been a core need of mine for various projects that I’m working on, one in particular, and it’s been the missing piece. So I really urge you if you are watching this video or if you thinking about working with Kat McDivitt, give her a call, listen to what she is saying and she will teach you something really special.


What Kat has shown me is the root cause of why all these entrepreneurs aren’t that successful in getting stuff done, They aren’t that successful in becoming productive. For any of you who are feeling blockages, or for any of you who would like to be a lot more productive, I highly recommend all of you to get in touch with Kat and I’m sure she’ll be able to help you.

Maxx – Accountant

I just had a session with Kat. She’s awesome! She helped me to refocus on what’s important in my life. She can help you shed your old belief systems and shape new belief systems that empower you. Kat will help you to take back your authority, structure your life and increase your productivity.


I had a problem of lacking in focus and not doing anything. We always get hundreds of ideas in our heads, rolling here and there, and we never do anything. So Kat gave me a super-good idea – it was to focus on one thing. She gave a real system around it, on how to do that one thing consistently and achieve results. I highly recommend you talk to Kat if you have problems around productivity or getting your focus down as an entrepreneur or a business owner.

Imran Mohamad

I always have issues with getting into focus, being productive and getting things done. What Kat taught me today was massive in the sense that I understood where my problem was, why I wasn’t productive, and what I can do about it by going into the psychological reasons behind why people are not productive. If you are an entrepreneur, business manager or anyone who wants to get more things done, be productive, and really own your authority, then I highly recommend that you talk to Kat.