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The Productivity Mistake Everyone Is Making

I’m guessing that you’re here because you have a big vision. You want to bring something amazing into this world and by doing that you want to really fulfill your potential.

I don’t know whether you want a lot of money, or a lot of fame, or a lot of success, or to change people’s lives, or to be happier, or all of that. But what I do know is that in order to achieve your goals – to really fulfill your potential – you probably want to be super productive. You need to produce a lot of high quality content, and you need to produce it not just in peak moments but easily, day after day, month after month, year after year, in order to really be, do and have what what’s most important to you.

Hi! I’m Kat McDivitt and I help people double their productivity and activate their success drivers.

Now, I have a question for you.

  • How productive are you, really?
  • Do you produce everyday what you need to produce to be really successful, and is it high quality?
  • Are you checking off your to-do list every day?
  • Do you have the right things on your to-do list?
  • Are you going home every day and spending quality time with your family, 100% focused on your family or community?

I know when I started my entrepreneurial journey I wasn’t doing that at all. In fact, when I started my journey, very quickly I got bogged down with three big issues.

One is, I wasn’t producing enough. I wasn’t producing enough to make the difference that I wanted to make into the world. The second one was that I was really easily distracted. I didn’t really have clear laser focus. And that made it so, again, it impacted my productivity. And the third one was that I didn’t have the systems and teams to support me that really allowed my company to grow.

In fact, at a certain point I felt like I was walking through quicksand every day and working really hard and being super exhausted and feeling like I wasn’t moving forward at all. If nothing had changed, in just a few months my company would have been sucked into oblivion and I would have had to go back to the corporate toil.

But instead what happened is that I read an article about how successful people work and it changed my life. It led me on a journey that has allowed me to, in the last five years, become a best-selling author, create a publishing house with 27 titles, start a business that now has revenues in the high six figures, have an amazing relationship and travel all around the world.

This is the kind of information I’d like to share with you because it’s not about working harder. It’s not about working longer. That’s not what successful people do. In fact, there’s a study by Stanford University that says that if you work for more than 50 hours per week your productivity goes down drastically. What people really need is to be more productive in the time that they work. They need to double their productivity.

I’d like to share with you the secrets that entrepreneurs all over the world are using to double their productivity.

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