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The Truth About Time Management

I’m guessing you’ve tried a lot of time management techniques. Maybe software, or different techniques. I know a bunch of the ones I’ve tried – the Pomodoro technique, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Kanban checklist, Franklin planners, I’ve tried them all – they worked for a little while and then they stopped working.

Let me tell you the truth about time management.

Hi! I’m Kat McDivitt and I help people double their productivity and activate their success drivers.

So what’s the truth about time management that most uber-successful people know? The truth is, you can’t manage time. We all have the same amount of time. You have the same amount of time as I have, as President Obama, as Richard Branson.

We can’t manage time, and all of the time management techniques out there focus on trying to manage time. But what people who are really productive know is that what you can manage is yourself.

What you need to manage is your inner game. The inner game of time management, of productivity. And when you change that inner game and change yourself deep inside, you’ll see the results easily and quickly in every part of your life.

So let’s talk about the oak tree. The little tiny acorn has everything it needs to turn into a huge oak tree. Everything it needs is deep within it. So, you might get different winds and you might get different fertilizers but what you get is an oak tree. And that’s because what it is is inside.

Now in humans, what that is is your beliefs and your identity. So, if you have a belief that you’ll never make X amount of money or you’ll never be Y amount of successful or you’re not productive or you don’t have willpower or you’re just not worth it, then those beliefs will influence everything that you do. And everything that you try and produce will be all the more difficult once you hit those beliefs.

If you want to understand what your beliefs really are, look at your life right now because it is a reflection of your beliefs. Now, I’m not saying everything’s preordained. Let’s say that you have the seed of a buttercup and you know if you just live your life normally you’ll grow up to be a buttercup, but you want to be an oak tree. Well, you’re not going to become an oak tree by painting your petals green or adding more fertilizer. To become an oak tree, you need to go deep inside and change those beliefs and change that sense of who you are.

Now, there are three roadblocks to doing that.

First off, most people have no idea what the identity-level beliefs are that are getting in their way. Identifying them can be really difficult.

Second, making changes. There are tons of people out there who say, “yeah, I know how I can help you change your beliefs” and some of those techniques will work for everybody, but not very many. Some techniques work for some people, some techniques work for other people, very few techniques will work for everybody. Finding those techniques and figuring out how to use them to make that change easy and swift is a big roadblock for people.

The third roadblock is creating habits that really support your beliefs. A lot of really successful people have had to constantly change their habits in order to have that success.

I can tell you a little bit about my story. I was not super productive. I was not really focused, and then I started digging into what really successful people do differently. From that I went on a journey that took me into, in the last five years, writing a best-selling book, creating a publishing house with 27 titles, growing a business from nothing to a high six-figure revenue business, going around the world, learning how to kite surf and having an amazing relationship – all in the last five years.

So, the question that people ask me is, well, I could just learn to do this myself. And you know what? You can. You’re a smart person. You can figure it out. But let me ask you this – let me tell you this. You will never be younger than you are than today. Do you really have the time and the money to figure this out yourself? Or do you need to be making that difference that you wanna make now? Do you want to fulfill your potential later? Or do you want to fulfill it now?

I’m Kat McDivitt and I help people double their productivity and activate their success drivers. That’s what I do, and I’d like to help you. Download this free report that will show you how you can activate your success drivers and have the productivity that you need to be, do and have what’s most important for you.